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Almost Alive Game Free Full Version For PC:

Almost Alive is a tactical role playing and real time combat system game which is developed by Emir Cerimovic and published by Emir Games. This free version game was released on 17 Jul, 2018. You can also download The Adventure Pals and Fallout 4.

This free version game was set in a mad hand drawn post apocalyptic world that features character mental sanity as one of the core elements of a game with a non linear story. In this awesome game player have to forge his style with 6 core attributes and select over 115 skills. combat, perception, strength, agility, dexterity, stealth, throw, endurance, wisdom, dialogue, actions each one will change gaming experience of the player. Player have to choose one of the archetype paths, or build a completely customized character. Combat mechanics are based upon attributes and skills that will increase aiming speed and adjust accuracy depending on movement, firearm recoil, and too many other factors to list here. Characters, animations, scenery, terrain, locations, comic style cut scenes, everything in this game is hand drawn. In this free version game there are 6 main progress paths for a character build. Player is able merge those while leveling his 6 main attributes and choosing his skills. The progress paths of this game are Commando, Soldier, Sniper, Fighter, Tank and Shadow. Commando are high agility and dexterity characters, they take lead point when assaulting an enemy position. Soldier are high dexterity and perception characters are considered taking the soldier path, they can aim faster and better than most people and will extend their coordination to aim precisely. Sniper are with a high perception and wisdom characters learn how to aim for heads faster than anyone else. Fighters are martial artists that forged their strength and their wisdom. Tanks are so used taking hits with their high strength and endurance.Shadows are the best at taking point, they have a high endurance to move faster and a high agility to remain undetected.


Key Features:

  • Epic arcade style boss battles
  • An open and dynamic world including world events that unfold with, or without you
  • Mad Vehicles for fastest world map movement but also to fight bosses.
  • Full real time strategy squad commands with an advanced squad-based tactical AI
  • Multiplayer and console portability
  • Unique fast paced, tactical and versatile combat system : Use covers, traps and advanced tactics to fight smart opponents or reflexes and movement to fight swarm type mutant hoards.
  • Multitude of approaches and huge replay ability : Choose who you side with or go fully solo if you’re a psychopath. Help, manipulate, betray allies, etc.
  • Fully hand drawn 2.5D game : Every animation was drawn on paper, each draw scanned and reworked on computer, giving the game an unique identity!
  • Make an unique build based on 6 archetypes with over 115 skills, 98 traits and madness making each character unique: Acts have consequences on the story but also on your character sanity.
  • Destroy everything or sneak behind enemy lines : Sneak, steal, talk, drug, throw, trap, lock-pick, barricade, breach…
  • More than 192 weapons, 106 armors ,18 throwables, 18 drugs, 100 items.

Minimum System Requirements:

  • OS: win7
  • Processor: 2 cores
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • File Size: 217 MB
  • Graphics: any
  • Storage: 2 GB available space

Almost Alive Game:

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File Size: 219 MB

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