Gaming Sponsors for Small Streamers

Gaming Sponsors for Small Streamers
Gaming Sponsors for Small Streamers

Gaming sponsorship is a massive opportunity for any streaming gamer. Sponsorship is of immense importance because they help you to pay for better equipment and raise your profile. Sponsorship is one of the most efficient ways to raise money off your game stream streamer has to land a sponsorship before you can use their resources.

How to land a gaming sponsorship before you can use their resources?

Gaming sponsors for influencers look for professional quality content that can benefit them too in the future. Let’s view which streaming platform you should consider, and we will get into how you land gaming sponsorship.


Twitch is the go-to platform for many gaming streamers, which is both a good and bad thing. It is a clear front liner when it comes to streaming. It has the largest audience and takes most of the market watch time. However, the competition is high, and breaking out on the platform can be challenging. Also, discoverability features are compared to what YouTube and Facebook gaming has to offer as well. Still, there is a reason Twitch is the top dog in the streaming world. They offer many ways to monetize your streams and make it easy for you to save them after going live. There is a lot of gaming sponsorship available to streamers on the platform.


YouTube has a large chunk of the streaming market regarding watch time. It is nowhere near Twitch, but it’s catching up. YouTube performance is much better than Twitch, allowing the viewer to discover new streamers. YouTube algorithm is much better at suggesting a variety of streams as well, as they can rank well. Well, it is nowhere perfect. It’s much better than the twitch system. YouTube only offer super charts and few ads. It is not solely a live streaming service, so there will be varying amounts of people willing to donate to the content you are providing.

Facebook Gaming

Facebook users are going to be there for a variety of reasons. This means that everyone will have a different commitment of time to watch the stream. Some will be diehard fans of yours, and some will be in your stream in their feed. Facebook has a massive user audience, while streams are not easy to discover. Facebook is working to make it much more manageable. However, there is an opening for new creators to grow an audience on Facebook gaming. It is not famous for streamers as another option.

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