Ori And The Will Of Wisps

Ori And The Will Of Wisps
Ori And The Will Of Wisps

On massive demand of Ori fans, Moon studios developed the sequel of the multi-award-winning video game “Ori and the blind forest” for Microsoft Windows and Xbox One. Xbox game studios are publishing the sequel with the name of “Ori and the will of wisps” and releasing it in March 2020, offering single-player mode only.


The player controls the white guardian spirit, Ori, and solves various puzzles while moving between the platforms. The game offers new abilities to access previously unreachable areas. During the gameplay, you will experience an all-new adventure world with massive enemies and challenging puzzles to reveal Ori’s future.

Artful animations and exotic visuals will leave an everlasting impact on the player. The luminescent and gorgeous environment leaves the player spellbound. Ori’s dance, as it leaps from a platform to vine to outcrop, his acrobatics not only amazes the player but also builds confidence to do what is still undone. Apart from routine rewards that you get while exploring the environment, the curiosity to beat the unbeaten compels you to take risks and face enemies. The use of various projectiles and smart moves will also help to complete quests.

Every leaf or twig or cloud or path has such realistic and defined features that the player feels teleported in the Ori’s world. Deserts, snow-capped mountains, pools, caverns, everything has defined texture.

Launch of a new load of weapons and proficiency enables you to fight boldly and proficiently.


To give Ori fans an outclass experience, we move one step forward by launching Ori, and the will of wisps themed Xbox One Skins for Xbox One consoles.

Xbox One Skins are easy to install and easy to remove; thin vinyl stick-on decals that will:
• Protect your Xbox One console from scratches and dust
• Give it a stylish look
• Improve your gaming experience
• Prove a perfect gift for an Ori and Xbox lover

Xbox One Skins are fully compatible with the Xbox One consoles and give a smooth, bubble-free installation. Even on the removal of the Xbox One Skin, there is no sticky residue left behind on the console.

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