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Sea of Solitude Free Version Game For PC:

Sea of Solitude is an adventure game developed by Jo-Mei Games and published by Electronic Arts. This free version game was released on July 5, 2019 for Microsoft Windows. You can also download We Happy Few, Narcosis, Vampyr and much more on Excgame.

In this free version of game player will playing the roll of young woman named Kay as she explores an abandoned, submerged city and its scaly red-eyed creatures. In this PC version of game, Player will be able to enjoy the fantastical creatures and monsters, learn their stories. Player will have to explore a flooded city, either by boat, on foot, or by swimming through the water itself. As player unfold journey, player will be able to uncover new parts of city and complete new challenges. In order to complete journey player will have to solve puzzles and meet a variety of lovely and terrifying monsters, each with their own struggles.


Game Trailer:

Key Features:

  • An Emotional Journey: Sea of Solitude embarks players on a nuanced and intimate action-adventure, experienced through the mind of Kay, as she struggles to overcome her inner loneliness. Players must help Kay see below the surface and beyond, guiding her through her Sea of Solitude, in this deeply touching tale of darkness and light.
  • A Metaphorical World: As her journey evolves, Kay’s dark and stormy environment begins to transform, with light and color shining into the world. Water levels rise and fall to reflect her own state of mind, transforming the flooded city landscape into new areas for the player to explore, with new challenges to face.
  • Face the Monsters Within: Encounter fantastical creatures, solve puzzles, and rid the world of tainted memories. Meet a variety of beautiful and terrifying monsters, each with their own struggles of loneliness to tell. Through confronting these monsters, Kay will not only learn more about them, but also herself, and what it means to be human.

Minimum System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows 10
  • Processor (AMD): Phenom II X4 965 or Equivalent
  • Processor (Intel): i3 2120 or Equivalent
  • Memory: 4 GB
  • File Size: 1.05 GB
  • Graphics card (AMD): Radeon HD 7850 or Equivalent
  • Graphics card (NVIDIA): GeForce GTX 660 or Equivalent
  • DirectX: 11 Compatible video card or equivalent
  • Hard-drive space: 2 GB

Sea of Solitude PC Game:
Click Here To Download:
File Size: 1.05 GB

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