Thunderbirds GameBoy Advance (GBA) Review at Next Level Gaming!

Thunderbirds GameBoy Advance (GBA) Review at Next Level Gaming!
Thunderbirds GameBoy Advance (GBA) Review at Next Level Gaming!

Ok boys and girls, you might want to leave the room while I wreck havoc on the review of this game I found on . It is not going to be a pretty sight and believe me, this could be the worst Game Boy Game that ever had been in my beloved Game Boy Advance SP system. So what game am I talking about? Just look at the bold letters at the top of this review. It says Thunderbirds. Now I am going to be 30 years old in a few months.

Yes, I am becoming an old man.

 But I remember some great cartoons and television shows when I was growing up in the 80`s. We had Transformers, Voltron, GI Joe and other cool shows. Now the original Thunderbirds show was from the 1960`s and it featured marionette puppets. It was a great British show that can still stand the test of time today! It was a great series that I know many like myself holds dear and tru to their hearts. So now some Hollywood moron decided to once again rape our beloved old culture and remake Thunderbirds. This is nothing new, look at Dawn of the Dead, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, etc. But no, they would not use puppets like the original. Instead they decided to use real humans. And the result of this film is a big heaping pile of dog feces. I think a total of three people had the nerve to go and see this horrible film. Star Trek’s Jonathan Frakes (the director of this mess) has gone where no man has gone before, making the biggest pile of sludge in years. This movie is the Captains Log, a big stinky log!

But now let me get to this game here.

The Game Boy Advance game is published by Vivendi Universal and developed by Saffire. I can`t really blame these guys because I think they knew flat out that the movie would suck so they just threw some mediocre game together in about 15 minutes and made it gold. Thunderbirds the movie is basically a poor mans (very, very poor mans) Spy Kids. And that should tell you something. So let me try to get to this review without flipping out anymore. The story is like this. You have to fix the mess that `The Hood` has created. Nope, this is not Grand Theft Auto 4 but that`s what the bad guys are called, The Hood. Maybe they are named after the car part, who knows. The Thunderbirds game is broken up into two different types of gameplay.

Now the game has you in control of three characters of the film Alan Tracy and his two friends, Fermat and Tin Tin. Your characters are digitized from the movie as well. You will have about 9 levels total to get through. You basically have to walk around and solve puzzles and push a bunch of crates around. The animation is plain at best because your characters are kind of limited on what they can do. The can pull off some moves like rolls but it looks very weird. The controls are ok, but they seem a bit stiff on some areas. You can also take to the skies in your ships in a Zaxxon-style shooting game. The graphics in the shooting levels are mediocre at best. I was never really a fan of Zaxxon, so I was not too fond of this type of shooter. One thing that lets you know that a game is doomed is when it says: `password save` on it. Who uses password saves in this day in age? This is 2004 and if people are going to fork out there hard earned $30 for a game it better well have a battery backup feature on it. But this game was doomed from the start.

The music is nothing to write home about as well.

Just normal typical Game Boy Advance sounds. You may all think I am being too hard on this game. But my job is to play the game and see if it merits and reason why you should purchase it? And I found none whatsoever. Plain graphics, mediocre gameplay and bland sounds and music topped off with a licensing of a downright horrible movie is not deserving of your $30. Plain and simple. I have one 6 year old daughter and another child on the way, and I know for a fact that my daughter would not like this game. Maybe there are some kids out there who would like it, but I doubt it. It they liked the film then maybe they will like this. But there are so many better games on the market that is far more deserving of your hard earned cash! And that is the true bottom line.

The Bottom Line:

To Quote Bill Paxton (from one of his good movies `Aliens`), who was in this horrid movie: `Game Over Man`! The game is just not very good. It is a game licensed after one of the worst movies of 2004. And it also does not have a battery backup. And a $30 game and no battery backup in sight, what is with this? It is just not fun to play. I found myself bored after about five minutes. But I had no choice but to play this game. Thankfully you all have a choice. Let me put it this way, the old Thunderbirds NES game that was made some years ago blows this game out of the water. There is just nothing here to make me tell you all that it is deserving of a $30 purchase. Spend your $30 on something more worthwhile and fun.

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