Top 3 Movie Apps for Android In 2020

Top 3 Movie Apps for Android In 2020
Top 3 Movie Apps for Android In 2020

Today we have shared the top 3 most favorite Movie apps for the Android mobile phone device.

1.Sony Crackle

When it comes to top movie apps, Sony crackle takes 1st place in this scenario because in Sony crackle you can get a lot of movies online Sony crackle is one of the best movie streaming apps which doesn’t require any type of registration.

It gives you a lot of movies & entertainment content free of cost & when it comes to movies you can get a paid movie free of cost on this Sony crackle app.

And you can also save offline how? It provides you with offline features, so you can save the entertainment content & movies to watch them later very easily.

And you can also watch them when you have no internet connection.

2. 9XMovies

9xmovies gives you much more than others & when it comes to movies but not only movies 9xmovies provides you music, songs & much more content that you want to have in your Android mobile phone device.

9XMovies provides you a very user friendly interface plus gives the downloading feature in which you can download your favorite movies, videos, songs & a lot more which you want.

It also has the watch later & offline feature which allows you to watch videos offline & later now it got easier with 9xmovies.

The buffering time of 9xmovies is very fast & reliable than all the other platforms in 9xmovies you can browse movies in 720p, 1080p, 1440p & in 4K resolution too.

Now you don’t have to wait more to buffer even if you have a 4MB of internet connection you can start buffering videos in 4k.

3.  Showbox

There is one other app which takes the 3rd place but when it comes to videos you will get all types of the videos here so, you will not go anywhere else once you use this.

But before that I just want to warn you that this app is illegal in the United States so, if you are a citizen of the United States we will recommend you to don’t use this app or use this app on VPN.

Otherwise you will be responsible for you’re this act because you maybe got caught by the police & you will be fined by using this showbox.

At the end I will say that showbox provides you all of the videos which are available on the internet even if one movie is not available on the internet. You will get that on showbox easily.

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